Orlando SEO Group and Local Citations For Top Three Map Pack Google SEO

4th Jan 2021

Many people want to know how to get into the top three map packs for SEO when you search on Google. The top three map pack SEO is all about "CITATIONS," and what Google does is scour the web to see how many local citations match your business. For example, if you have listings on Yelp, Facebook, and other places that allow you to put in your address and it matches your Google my business profile, this is a citation link. You want to have as many as possible and all matching, and you will move up in the Citation and map pack pretty quickly.

Orlando SEO Group Announces New Brand Umbrella

6th Sep 2020

Award-winning SEO Experts based in Orlando, Florida, Orlando Seo Group, and IDrive Marketing, a leading digital marketing agency in Orlando, officially announce their merger. The new group will trade under the IDrive Marketing banner. A lot of effort has been invested in bringing the merger of the two giants, Orlando Seo Group and IDrive Marketing, to a conclusion.

Lake Mary SEO Firm PNC Digital Outsourcing Links for Westgate - Not Local - Bad Reviews

17th Aug 2020

We here at Orlando SEO Group are local to Orlando, Florida, and of course, we outsource things to other Countries for some linking and stuff. The blog post about PNC Digital in Lake Mary, Florida, is because of the utter unprofessionalism by one of the people allegedly working on behalf of PNC Digital. We received an email from David Kane, and you can see in the email he boasts that his company is this PNCDigital.com, and of course, if you look at the website, they are located in Lake Mary, Florida.

Orlando SEO - You Get What You Pay For! Cleaning Up India SEO Mess

15th Apr 2020

We recently took over SEO for a local business here in Orlando, Florida. The company was wondering why they were not ranking on Google for the website? The website was built great and done on a content management system. The Google webmasters tools were all set up correctly. So, the business owner was wondering what is going on? They reached out to Orlando SEO Group and we did an analysis of the website and the backlinks. The results were very shocking. This small Orlando based website had over 4,000 backlinks from very low page rank websites.

Web Daytona buys Yahoo Fiverr link for Orlando SEO

14th Feb 2020

Web Daytona is trying to get into the "orlando seo" game with the most recent purchase of this link:


Not a bad idea, but when researching an Orlando SEO company make sure you know you can purchase these links on www.fiverr.com - what you can't purchase is:

Beware SEO Companies that just take your money and outsource

8th Feb 2020

There is another trend going on with companies with bigger companies like Reach Local and even smaller companies who just get sales agents to sell you on the idea of SEO then they outsource it to companies in India. This is horrible because India people do not know your business and how to SEO it. I would love to see an India SEO company write an article about Personal Injury law for an Orlando lawyer. I received an email like this from India SEO companies actually trying to get the outsource business from SEO companies. SMH

Beware India SEO Scams Posing as US companies and How To Tell

7th Feb 2020

Be careful of India SEO scams and India SEO companies pretending they are in the USA.

They will call with a Google Voice US number and the website will even say they have a USA office.

The #1 question you should ask any SEO company is "What have you ranked before" and take a look at results. Most companies haven't ranked hard keywords.

When Hiring Orlando SEO Group you are hiring this entire section of Barnes and Noble

8th Aug 2019

Since I was 18, I have been going into a Barnes and Noble and the technology section of the store. Checking out the latest in technology books and trying to stay up on the trends of technology. I came to a funny realization the other night when I was looking at these books and thinking to myself that I know a lot of what is in these books. When you are hiring someone like Orlando SEO group for your next Orlando SEO project, you are getting the entire Technology section of Barnes and Noble.